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Water Colour Sloop

This is the story behind the 1907 Humber sloop that was to help fight two wars and join the search for the Loch Ness monster.

Phyllis 1907. Loa 68ft, Beam16ft.4, Draft 7ft.4, Official Number 124785. Yard Number 60. Sail Number 26148.

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Updated: April 2016

Sailing at South Ferriby

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Humber Sloop In Water Colour.

Wells, J R Segelfartyg

Site created May 2009

By Kath Jones & Alan Gardiner.

If anyone has any memories of working for James Barraclough or have a story about working on Phyllis or any of the Barraclough barges we would like to hear from you.
If you have any comments or questions on the content of the site or would like to add something to it regarding any of the sloops we would also like to hear from you.


Above. A water colour by the 19th century artist J.R Wells sent to me by Torsten Hagnéus depicting a Humber sloop with jib and topsail set possibly entering the Humber at Spurn Point and could be returning from sea or from the gravel bed at Spurn, the vessels in the background could be in the anchorage there.
 The sloop shows the type of topsail commonly used and clearly proves Fred Schofield correct regarding the colours of the sails, a small but significant historical detail that we have correct on "Phyllis" along with her bowspit over the horse plate which Torsten verified for me from the original painting.
 Torstens initial e-mail is below and explains why he sent the picture.
Hello Alan,
Some weeks ago I bought a water colour at an auction in Göteborg, Sweden, where I live. The artist is J R Wells, of whom not much is known, but between 1872 and 1893 he was engaged by 'Illustrated London News´ and made several engravings. My question is: does it show a Humber sloop or some other type? The two sloops shown near Spurn Point at your site seems however like the one on my picture.
Best regards,
Torsten Hagnéus


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