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Flag Ship

This is the story behind the 1907 Humber sloop that was to help fight two wars and join the search for the Loch Ness monster.

Phyllis 1907. Loa 68ft, Beam16ft.4, Draft 7ft.4, Official Number 124785. Yard Number 60. Sail Number 26148.

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Sailing at South Ferriby

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 Humber Diamond Jubilee Flotilla 4th June 2012

 In 1897 the Humber Estuary was the venue for a flotilla in celebration of 60 years of Queen Victoria's reign. One Hundred and fifteen years later the communities of the Humber will again have a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of history by forming a flotilla of 60 vessels including merchantmen, pleasure craft, and heritage class boats in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.
With the support of the Harbour Master Humber, Captain PJ Cowing, Mr Peter Hill Bridge Master Humber Bridge, Hessle Town Council, Barton upon Humber Town Council, North Ferriby Parish Council & South Ferriby Parish Council and the Rt Honourable Alan Johnson MP the Humber Diamond Jubilee Committee is coordinating the Humber Diamond Jubilee Flotilla. The parade of sail, will take place at approximately 18:00hrs on 4th June 2012, as part of the National Lighting of Beacons event.    Hessle Town Council 2012.   
 Check out their Facebook page.
We are very pleased to announce the role of "Phyllis" in the Queen's Jubilee Flotilla will be that of Flag Ship to the event. Responsible for the official representatives to the City of Hull, the towns of Hessle, Barton upon Humber and Brough together with the villages of South and North Ferriby. "Phyllis" will fly the standard of the Lord Mayor of Hull and Admiral of the Humber, together with those of the represented districts.
 It is a great honour for "Phyllis" to represent the maritime heritage of the Humber through this appointment and to be representing all the historic vessels in our region, many of which are sadly unable to attend the event.
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Left is "Phyllis" flying the Hull Standard from her starboard spreader along with pennants from the Thorne Sea Cadets and ABP at the 2009 Clipper Round the World Race. Her own burgee is atop the dress flags and as barging tradition dictates, always fly's at the masthead at special events and celebrations.

Now 105 years old Edward VII was on the throne when "Phyllis" was built in 1907 and she has seen many changes in the Monarchy since then, "Phyllis" had been hard at work 19 years when Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st April 1926. 
 I have no doubt that "Phyllis" under the command of her succession of captains would have flown her burgee and perhaps the "Union Jack" to commemorate the beginnings, the anniversaries and the ends of Royal lineage throughout her working life. This year will carry on that tradition in style.


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If anyone has any memories of working for James Barraclough or have a story about working on Phyllis or any of the Barraclough barges we would like to hear from you.
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Being dressed over all requires permission from the Queen, all vessels registered in the flotilla where of course granted that permission.

Phyllis dressed overall returned to Hull after being declared a prize winning heritage vessel being awarded the Bill Barracliff Trophy for best ship.

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